How to know a Ghost.

Who see ghosts?
Very old women usually see ghosts.
When she speaks to invisible man, we ask her where invisible man is. She shows us where he is. We ask her where clock, book, TV are. She shows us where they are. Therefore; we know where the ghost is.

Dog and cat see ghosts.
If dogs snarl, growl and bark at invisible man, they see a ghost.
If cat is looking at invisible thing, your cat sees a ghost.

Do you believe in ghost?

I believe in ghost.
It was a rare opportunity to see ghost. In three cases, I recognized ghost.
    1. I saw ghost at sunrise twice.
    2. I dreamt about ghost several times. For example, when I dreamt about Grim Reaper visited neighbor, he could die.
    3. I realized ghost by my soul twice. When I became unconscious, I saw ghost.