It is easiest way to predict future events is to use the results of  experiments.

We will collect data and then analyze the data to see how it will be repeated, what it will come, and must come well. we need focus, practice and patience to solve the future events.

When I was about thirteen-year-old, I won in slot machine. I could guess how to win in the slot machine. I had to watch slot machines  for a long time. To predict means  to foretell on the basis of observation, experience. What will happen next?  and how will it be repeated?

I saw them how many times they were repeated. Make a Prediction if I had better data. I could play with this machine, I would win. This is my experience; but I waste time on this problem.

People have  predicted the weather, earthquakes, next appearance of Halley's Comet  in the inner Solar, Solar and lunar eclipse, etc. These events were based on law of science, experimental observation.

Some people could accurately predict events that would happen five hundred years latter.