Did Nostradamus and Bulgarian prophet Vanga predict 9-11 event ?

I read  magazine in the year 1995. Someone predicted  attack on New York City. USA would attack the Middle East when WTC  collapsed. It's a long war between USA and Middle Eastern countries.
Century 1, Quatrain 87
fire from the centre of the earth 
cause tremors around the New City
Two great rocks will war for a long time
then Areth
usa will redden a new river.
"The Twins will be destroyed by the steel birds; the wolf in the bush will scream and innocent people's blood will be shed"

Nostradamus never  mentioned the word "Plane" ; but Vanga mentioned the word "steel birds"

When Bush became the President of United States, 9-11 event happened and we all know about the Twins (Towers) and steel birds(planes)-USA.
If We Consider the past, We shall know the future.



1993 Bombing of the World Trade Center
1998 US missile strikes on Base of Bin Ladin in Afghanistan .
March 2001 Afghanistan's Taleban  destroyed Buddhas.
9/11 Terrorist attacks the United States.
October 2001 America attacks Afghanistan.

After the WTC bombings, it wasn't collapsed. Therefore; when Afghanistan's Taleban  destroyed Buddha, WTC would be collapsed.